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Watched your band in Ventura last night. Thanks for the epic performance and it was a blast listening to your music. Thanks again, guys - you rock!!
Come to New York/New Jersey, there is 0 mutant chickens here!
I am 7 ft 7 inches tall and I love the radioactive chicken heads.
You should stick to comedy and stop playing music
One day hope to see you guys perform live! I appreciate how interactive you are with fans, and you remain my favorite band! Keep up the amazing work you guys
You guys are on my (chicken)bucket list of bands! Hope you come to the Bay Area some day if i cant get out to where you guys are!
I saw my comment from July 6th, 2009 still remains upon this guestbook. ^_^ Much happiness this does to my mutant heart. Ten years later, still sharing the same human vessel from within, coming out ever so often to keep the word of the bird heard! Awaiting the day we can be united, that is my dream that I will still continue to hope for after all this time. ❤ Be well my brethren, I love you all, then, now, forever. Blessed be. †
You're cool and I am hoping you are doing well. Carrott Top you might be cool and I hope you are doing good singing punk rock (I'm five, my mom is typing what I say). I heard you had a battle with bad guys and that is how Tales from the Coop came out.
Seen you in Buffalo years ago when you came with green jello. I’ve been a fan ever since, you guys are awesome!
Saw you guys for the first time the other night in Long Beach, and you certainly have a new fan in me! Will definitely be going to any future SoCal shows! Hopefully Fullerton again. ;)
Come to El Paso TX or back to Albuquerque NM
I'd almost be willing to deal with my anxiety of being in public just to see you live.
pls cum to shitcago!
The fact that these guys have been preforming in my area for so long and I'm only now finding out about them makes me ashamed of myself. You guys are fucking hilarious and I love your music way more than I should. My favorite song is Pest Control and that cover of We Are Number One you did was pretty great, too.
Pwease come to Fresno or Ventura
Hi Guys - was sooooo fun to meet you again, and introduce you at Kulak's the other night - hope to see you all soon again! Happy Radioactive Holidaze! XXXXX Robby Ravenwood
I hope you guys come to NYC or Long Island someday
You guys Rock this is the greatest comedy band ever!
Come back for us
You guys are AMAZING!!!!!!!!
You guys rock honestly in loving your older stuff it's amazing rock on guys ✌
Please come to SPAC in Saratoga Springs!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sending love from NY! Can't wait to see you someday <3
You guys are seriously nuts. I love it. I might wear one of your shirts when I perform on stage someday. Much love!
I am your BIGGEST/YOUNGEST fan!! Love you guys, you Rock!!!
OMG!! you guys are f ing great!! please PLEASE come to Cleveland Ohio. The venue is the Agora. I love your clucking sound! I will be buying your merch soon!! Keep up the great work!!!!
OMG!! you guys are f ing great!! please PLEASE come to Cleveland Ohio. The venue is the Agora. I love your clucking sound! I will be buying your merch soon!! Keep up the great work!!!!
Any chance that guys will be coming through Colorado? you guys must be a ton of fun to see live
Damn good shit. I'm in town end of August can I catch you live?
You guys should come to minnesota.
Love ya work; keep making music quirky and down-right mad. Big ol' CLUCK YOU! from Australia!
Hey guys :3 i absolutely adore your music and yo7 guys as well! Hey, if i could talk with you guys that would make my dream come true :D thanks - a friend and probably one of your biggest fans
One day I am going to see you guys live!!!
get your shit together cohen, the chip punks are alright
The band rocked the Long Beach Zombie Walk ! 1st time I'd seen a live performance. Thanks for inviting folks to the stage ...I got right on up and had a blast ! Looking forward to seeing you again .
Where can I get your merchandise and cds? You guys are awesome!!
where can i get a cluck you tshirt?
thank you keep it up
Break a drumstick!
Thanks for coming up to San Luis Obispo, CA and playing our little hamlet. Maybe next time we can plan something bigger and better. Be well with all your Radioactiveness!
You guys should come to Australia one day, your music is clucking awesome!
hey you crazy chickens great show last night im the guy from dickies dressing room you took time out to take pictures with in the stairway what a great picture it is thank you and to show my support i just ordered a bunch of merch from you hope to see you guys soon try contacting the dive bar or beauty bar in vegas they are easy to work with
You guys are damn good keep on clucking!
I CLUCKIN' HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Reason:Killing Chuck E. Cheese)
was planning on seeing u guys last night but couldnt stay for the entire show hope u guys rocked the cluckin joint ill try and make it to either the punk rock picnic or ur show in fullerton
I finally saw u guys for the first time!!!! You guys made my night. And my friends loved you, it was their first concert of THERE LIVES!!! But anyway killer sound
Ordered the Growing Mold CD, I totally forgot to change the shipping name, ended up getting a sticker that has my brother's name who ordered it! It was hilarious. Keep on rocking, from PA.
Saw you guys @ The Protomen concert in Anaheim.. You guys were so entertaining! So many props and costumes!! Hope to see you guys again sometime <3
I sold my soul to EL POLLO DIABLO and I regret nothing!
You guys gotta come to newjersey!!!!
Chuck E Cheese sucks and he will die! Go Chicken Heads!
I saw you guys last night at the Santa Ana Art Walk. I thought you guys rocked and I loved the music and costumes. Thanks for visiting us and hopefully you guuys come back!
Team L.A. Zen still loves you guys!
one of my favorite bands out there! keep on clucking it up and rock some of the old tunes XD
Discovered you guys thanks to Cory Williams (SMPfilms) on YouTube. I LOVE the music, and the videos are awesome! Would kick ass to see you guys live! Come to Utah!
Saw you guys with Green Jelly here in Portland Maine a few years ago... awesome show... keep doing what you're doing.. I really hope your show gets made...
Keep kicking arse with the tunes guys =;D
Chuck Cheese called and they want their act back. Wait they sound 100 times better so you can keep stealing their act.
Saw you guys at the Torrance Block Party last week . You guys were great, if i have any pic.s i will send them to you. you should play down here in HB asap !
you guys rock you need to do a show in youngstown
You are my sons favorite band.
Can I join this band?
You guys are awesomemazing!
Un saludo desde México! (:
I just discovered this band, and I am so glad I did. You guys are so much fun to watch and I love the music. I would love to know if theres any concert dates lined up for Philadelphia.
i just learned about you guys and i love it! been a green jello fan since the cereal killer album, and i'm sure you guys put on a great show togethe. good luck!
fuck kids! eat children now! you go,chicken heads!
Where's my beer?????
Hi Guys, Greetings from the UK. Heard you via the Barry Polisar CD: Excellent Sound... Just ordered Music For Mutants to keep me going for now. Love it...
You guys need to tour around the U.S and come to pennsylvania RADIOACTIVE CHICKEN HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bands at the "Tomorrow!" show never seem to be concerned about feedback in the speakers between songs, but I think your Radioactivity made it somewhat worse. Gotta admit to a crush on Cheri Tomato, but I suppose her resemblance to a pincushion my mom had, makes it weird...
Love the music and the concept. Keep going and playing
I like touching myself....
Greetings from Poland.Every day create Your history but...that's another story.
dude you guys rock saw you guys at C.I.A. that song el pollo diablo is the best song so is bad bunny but i cant find el pollo diablo
Saw you for the first time last night at the C.I.A. Instant love, baby! I need to steal that CD my boyfriend bought...
I have been a fan of green jelly for almost 15 years my home boy said that you guys were just as good and that some of you were also in green jelly I had to check you out Yea you guys are great I will buy any thing you put out
Rest in Peace, Manute Bol.
you're OUT there, MAN!!!
Best Band Ever. (well.. 3-way tie with GWAR and Green Jello) please do a full tour soon! and open the online store so we can buy some merch!
THIS IS A GOOD BAND. when are u going to play in chino hills.
Hey! Glad to see the chickenheads are still around. Fuck yeah!
Zac, that is the best statement I've ever heard anyone make about punk.
I Love these guys!!!!! Punk's not dead, it just looks weird now!
Rock on Guys! See ya tonite! Drum hard Austin!
hello all
Hey guys! I love your music and have all your songs except for most of those on keep on cluckin', which is why i'm ordering it from your store. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I am one of your biggest fans, and I try my hardest to share your music with others. Also, I couldn't help but notice that on your youtube channel, you have not posted many songs (i am talking about both radioactivechikenhedz and vegetablemann), so I wanted you guys to check out my youtube channel, where I post pretty much all the songs of yours that have not already been posted in their recorded form. The name of the channel is Sasori122, but if that doesn't work, just try typing in this URL: Anywy, just check it out, and I just also wanted to say that I really like the Badd Bunny music video, and wanted to know when you are making another one. OK, see ya!
still want to know who are you guys and what do you do i thought this was a game site and do you guys sing and dont know if im a fan until i listen to your song or your a poet or what what the heck are you guys do you work for a tv ahow a radio station what ohhh the radio active chicken heads you guys do work for the radio station ummm sorry i ment no disrespect curios Linda
what the heck who are you guys
hey guys you the best know y cause i like the carrot masks and everything and your songs too your fan,justin
Cool site!
HOORAY for the chickenheads....
First time seeing you at The Warner Grand show; it was great. Of course now, I distrust all rabbits..except for maybe Bugs...
chicken heads rule
Hey, Carrot Topp! Thanks for the extra stuff I got with my order. For the second time in my life I felt genuinely special, but this time in a positive way. By the way, could you find it in your moldy hearts to post more of your insanely hard-to-hear lyrics here, because Gobble... er Google doesn't have them. Also, you used to hang with this cheese, you know, with legs, and I'm a little concerned 'cause the last time I saw him/her was around Chuck E. Cheese. Please tell me everything's fine, or at least that Pastafarian sprinkled the remains over his bolognese. /Best wishes, "That Guy from Sweden"
It was pretty surprising to find a web site here when I randomly got the urge to type in Are you guys transmitting to the collective unconcious or something? Oh and cool music
You are, quite possibly, the most entertaining band ever. If you tour, consider London, Ontario maybe?
Never stop doing what you are doing the work of a great power beyond most's understanding. I am a believer, and a preacher of the words you spit. Those who do not know, will soon...this I promise. Soon the mutation inside me will come to pass...
Love the music guys!!!
please keep rockn! love ya!
U guys ROCK!...have any stickers to send out?
Can't wait to see you in Rochester!!
ur the best band ever. and i love u from arizona
Like nothing I have seen or heard GREAT SOUND !!!!!!
boys you are the coolest band ever! exelent music, show & videos i´m still searching for your records... krister (underground dj fom mexico)
i like the song little pig little pig let me in. play that one! when are u playing Ronkonkamo? ur biggest fan, Minut Bol
the website looks great!
Had a great time last night! I look forward to seeing you in a larger venue....friend of Bad Bunny