Radioactive Chicken Heads

Radioactive Chicken Heads Official Merch Store - Shirts, CDs, Vinyl, Posters, Stickers, Pins

Black "Cluck You!" shirt - $15

Our best-selling by the Radioactive Chicken Heads' own Carrot Topp


Hunter Jackson designed shirt (Green) - $15

Radioactive Chicken Heads shirt greenDesigned by GWAR founding artist, Hunter Jackson aka Techno Destructo


Pox 7" single - Vinyl - $7

The Radioactive Chicken Heads first vinyl release! "Pox" and "The Sky Is Falling" on a pox-red colored 45.

Radioactive EP - CD - $3

5 song limited edition sampler EP featuring a ChickenHeads-ized cover of Imagine Dragons "Radioactive", plus "I Wanna Be a Dog", "Bird Brain", "Pox" & "Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer"

Growing Mold - CD - $6


10 songs including "Bag O' Bones", "Earth Vs. The Earthmen", "Waltzing on Eggshells" and "Growing Mold"

"The songs are infectious; they slip into your frontal lobe and do not plan on leaving." - Jason Irvin

"This is one that the whole family (especially if your family is insane) can enjoy." - Mr. Romak

Poultry Uprising - CD - $6

Poultry Uprising

14 song collection of radioactive rarities including "Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer",  "Sgt. Psyclopps", "The Man Without Nostrils", "Blood Puddle", and "Just For the Taste of It" 


Badd Bunny Breakout - CD-ROM - $6


The Radioactive Chicken Heads official video game!

Play as The Radioactive Chicken Heads for the first time ever, as you take on Badd Bunny and his toxic minions in this epic role-playing quest! Engage in heroic battles with mutant monsters and biohazardous bosses! See all your favorite characters re-imagined in pixel form! Hear all your favorite songs remixed with authentic 16-bit sound! Gain experience and learn awesome new skills as you scour Southern California for your bandmates and join forces to defeat the ultimate furry evil once and for all!

Requires Microsoft Windows (XP or higher)

Limited edition disc includes mp3 soundtrack of your favorite Chicken Heads songs rearranged by Ian Luckey with classic 16-bit Super Nintendo sounds.

Download the game or soundtrack for free directly from

Purchase limited edition disc here

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1" Buttons - $1 each

Your favorite Radioactive Chicken Heads characters on these 1" buttons with artwork by GWAR founder Hunter Jackson. 


3" Buttons

BIG 3" pins. 


Radioactive Chicken Heads pins

Radioactive Chicken Heads vs. Badd Bunny Poster - $15 (rolled) or $7 (folded)


The Radioactive Chicken Heads attacked by Badd Bunny! BIG full color glossy movie size poster (27" x 39") It's huge!!  Art by Hunter Jackson, aka Techno Destructo from GWAR. Available either rolled in a heavy duty mailing tube or folded (select below)


Shipping Option


Radioactive Chicken Heads bumper sticker - $1

bumper sticker

8.5" x 2.75" vinyl sticker - bumper sticker size

Mr. Snail's Halloween Party - CD - $6

Mr. Snail's Halloween Party

Weird and wacky Halloween compilation. Includes the Chicken Heads version of "Boris the Spider" plus spooky songs by the Ghastly Ones, Parry Gripp, Jad Fair, Barry Louis Polisar, Ego Plum, Count Smokula, Mr. Uncertain, the Metrolites, and many more. 25 tracks


Music For Mutants

Music For Mutants cover

15 songs featuring the Radioactive Chicken Heads' biggest chart-topping mega-hits. Includes "Badd Bunny", "Deviled Egg", "Headless Mike", "Bird Brain", and "Cluck You!"

We are out of stock of this CD but you can still order it from Interpunk or download the album from bandcamp.comiTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon

We're Not Kidding! A Tribute to Barry Louis Polisar - CD - $10

We're Not Kidding

40 artists from around the world pay tribute to cutting edge children's songwriter, Barry Louis Polisar. Includes the Radioactive Chicken Heads versions of "I Wanna Be A Dog", "Underwear", "I Eat Kids", "I Looked Into the Mirror", plus "I Didn't Mean To", a song recorded as a duet by the Radioactive Chicken Heads and Barry himself! 60 tracks. 2-CD set