Badd Bunny Breakout - CD-ROM - $6


The Radioactive Chicken Heads first official video game!

Play as The Radioactive Chicken Heads for the first time ever, as you take on Badd Bunny and his toxic minions in this epic role-playing quest! Engage in heroic battles with mutant monsters and biohazardous bosses! See all your favorite characters re-imagined in pixel form! Hear all your favorite songs remixed with authentic 16-bit sound! Gain experience and learn awesome new skills as you scour Southern California for your bandmates and join forces to defeat the ultimate furry evil once and for all!

Requires Microsoft Windows (XP or higher)

Limited edition disc includes mp3 soundtrack of your favorite Chicken Heads songs rearranged by Ian Luckey with classic 16-bit Super Nintendo sounds.

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